Part diagram and part portrait, part love story and part instruction manual – Music of the Hemispheres is a feature-length film examining the Music of Thought Hypothesis; A theory outlined by Philosopher Dan Lloyd; who’s method presents a whole new gauze through which to examine both music and the mind, taking fMRI brain imaging and converting brain activity into music (brain-data sonification).

Lloyd has developed both a new theory of consciousness and a new method of composition; which walk, hand-in-hand, down a multifoliate mirrored isle of the holiest of unions: art and science. Modes of data visualization, music composition, performance, and audition will be cracked open like coconuts and its milk poured ceremoniously over an examination of brain mechanics and the architecture of the mind.

MOTH is both film and experiment, pairing artists with scientists, commissioning new musical works, documenting emerging breakthroughs in music cognition and theory – offering it up to you in the form of a cinematic diagram of the harmony within, and the colossal choir that is humankind.

“Inside each of us, at every moment,
a symphony plays. It’s the symphony
of consciousness, but at the same
time it’s the symphony of the brain.”
– Dan Lloyd